Dating Again – Easy or Difficult?

You are alone. Your parents have broken up; you have lost your best friends and family. Theuresendof your life has become arama of separations and uncertainties. It seems as if everyone you know has either broken up or said “good-bye” to you… apart from you.

Where do you begin and end your journey from being a “recoveringSingle” to being “single again?”

In my opinion, it starts with self- acceptance and assurance. When you come to a point where you are ready for a relationship, one that might become a lasting and meaningful partnership, then go out and meet as many people as you can.

For me, I had to learn the hard way that although I had been through those destructive relationships, it was not the best thing to heal from that pain as I set about moving on and Agree with my life. So, when I started dating again, dating an actual woman, all the while pretending to be happy and in love, it wasn’t until I started actually dating that I was able to see there was more than a little ” poison ” going on.

One day, I met a woman at a dance class. Thinking I was in complete heaven, I immediately thought, “Oh God, please do not reject me!” This was a mistake; countless men had gone before me and been let down by women. As I was pathetically flabbergasted at her acceptance, I took a step back and realized, “Oh no! Maybe the reason I am so afraid of women and dating is because I do not understand what I am looking for.”

This was a brilliant epiphany because I had been going against my natural personality since my divorce at age 41. In my early single years, friends and family would ask me, “Have you gotten over your ex? Are you happy?” Of course, I was sad and confused but not answering their question was an unspoken signal that I was not over my ex. It took me 8 years and a series of relationships for me to finally come to the realisation that it was not fair to the women I met to wait for a woman to tell me that I was not a good enough partner for him.

This is the great challenge of our lives as single people. We are supposed to be happy and fun-loving, not finding it too difficult to have the pleasures of life. Just because we are not with someone doesn’t mean we want to be. So when a man does not immediately respond to this, oh well, time to keep looking. Our minds are forgetting that there are actually other men out there, happily spending their time with their own families while we are stuck in our own unhappy company. It’s a harsh reality that we have to work with and accept.

When you are decided, ready and excited for your new journey, knowing all your backpacked journey ahead is exciting and daunting all at once.

Apart from finding the right woman to realise your dreams of heartache, rejection and loneliness, we are about to embark on a journey to healing your past as it Steps out the journey of soul searching. It is a bold statement, coming as it does after all you have been through, it could well be that we have been in the wrong place before, but hopefully our journey will be a successful one.

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