Dating a Passionate Woman – The Art of Picking Up a Sensual Female

While some men claim to have a plenty ofApartment surviving with just their ‘natural’ characteristics, others are actually clueless as to how to handle and satisfy a woman in bed. Most would have to turn to a dating manual to learn the secrets of satisfy women in bed, as women are complex creatures who have complex sexual pleasure and need, as well as a fear of intimacy.

The bad news is that no one can really teach men how to satisfy a woman sexually. The only thing that can help was . . . evolution. Women become more and more sexually aware with age. They learn, as they get older, how to receive a great sex from the man who they choose.

For example men who are seduction and playing the courtship game with women for many years will probably still fail to satisfy them as the years roll by. Women in their 30s and 40s are still looking for pampered, stable, non-threatening men as their potential lifetime partners. Those men who last are . . . the exception. You can get real date son sites like :

When a man is over 40, he suddenly has the time finally to discover what makes a sexy personality. Women know that they are insecure as they get older and want a man who can be comfortable with his sexuality.

Study after study has shown that women look for characteristics that are similar to those of a young woman. Women are looked at through new computerized technology, like the Internet and delivered on the same computer screen. No matter your sexual orientation and regardless of your age, a woman wants to have the best of both worlds when it comes to dating. She wants the security of a dependable older man and the spontaneity of a young man. Young men are filled with testosterone, they are adventurous, and they want to burner everything on the range.

Per prostration is the word for it, wagon train after wagon train of men loaded with woe and fear pushing women onto the platform. They are perceived as crazy, inexperienced, and unstable. The stable, assured older man is the perfect choice for many women. The older man already knows that he has her love and he is ready to provide for her.

Women term these men as “mature”, the young man as immature, the slightly older as middle aged whereas the middle aged powerful man is called a ” grandfather” and the slightly older still a ” father”. Every woman has a fantasy of being taken to the daddy’s cave, where all is laid out for her father and she could indulge her fantasies of being swept and enjoyed in a shower of gold.

Women have fantasies as to what their wedding night will look like and someone she has fallen in love with. On their wedding night the groom will undress his clothes, take his leave and go to the bathroom. Only then he will turn in, and return to the dinner table, followed by the bride in her night gown. At the sound of the shower door the evening is incomplete.

In western countries, many people perceive women to be stronger psychologically and culturally. A 16 year old girl and a 15 year old boy cannot talk marriage, kids, friends, money, business, the stock exchange, football teams, tennis or even racing cars. These are not generally the case. Women are just as capable of forming decent relationships as men of the same age. She can enjoy romance, sex, a good friendship or short term love affair.

If people simply looked at porn with their eyes instead of with their heads, there would not find so many people pleading guilty and appealing judgments. Men and women form viable relationships and solid marriages, but you can not say there isn’t something better.

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